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SimplePassive is a resource for FiveM that allows you to use a Passive Mode like feature just like in GTA Online.

It has multiple configurable features that you can configure and use, like:

  • Authorizing specific players via ACL permissions (for example: only staff members can use passive)
  • Forcing passive mode onto players (to prevent harassment or ramming with vehicles)
  • Disable combat between players (for the true passive mode experience)



  • Go to the location where your FiveM server data is located
  • Inside of the resources directory, create a folder called simplepassive
  • Extract the files inside of the 7zip into the simplepassive folder


By default, nobody is allowed to change the passive mode activation. You can use the ace simplepassive.changeself to allow individual groups or players.

After that, you can just use the /passivetoggle command to toggle the activation of passive mode.


See SimplePassive/Convars.


See SimplePassive/Commands.


See SimplePassive/Exports.