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LemonUI is a framework for creating UI systems in Grand Theft Auto V that is compatible with SHVDN2, SHVDN3 and FiveM. It allows you to create UI Elements with a NativeUI-like style, or you can also create your own UI System from scratch via the resolution-independant classes for Text, Rectangles and Textures.

It was created as a replacement for NativeUI due to being too convoluted to develop and maintain. LemonUI retains most (if not all) of the UI Elements available in NativeUI.

To start working with LemonUI, you can follow any of the Tutorials available here on my site:

Special thanks to:

  • Guad for the original work in NativeUI
  • alloc8or for the help with the GTA Online Loading Screen Scaleform
  • ikt for helping me to use SET_SCRIPT_GFX_ALIGN and SET_SCRIPT_GFX_ALIGN_PARAMS
  • Dot. for the snippet of code used for the item scrolling
  • deterministic_bubble for answering some questions about some missing C# classes in FiveM



  • SHVDN2: Copy all of the files from the SHVDN2 folder inside of the compressed file to your scripts directory in your GTA V install
  • SHVDN3: Copy all of the files from the SHVDN3 folder inside of the compressed file to your scripts directory in your GTA V install
  • FiveM: No need to install anything, any resources using LemonUI will come with the required DLLs
  • Developers: Add the LemonUI.FiveM, LemonUI.SHVDN2 or LemonUI.SHVDN3 packages to your solution (for SHVDN2 and 3, you can disable the copy of the DLL to prevent obsolete DLLs from being shared in the future)


Once installed, the mods that require LemonUI will start working. You don't need to do anything else.