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The Duplicator tool of PatchMyPath allows you to create copies of game installs without loosing storage space in duplicated game files. It uses Symbolic links and Hard links to keep links to the original files instead of creating a 1:1 copy.

You can use the Duplicator tool safely on existing game installs to reduce the size of them, recovering a lot of storage space in the process.


Before using the Install Duplicator, make sure that your base game install does not has any modifications installed. You can use the integrity check features of your game launcher to make sure that the install is clean:

You also need system permissions to create Symbolic and Hard Links. You can either run the application as administrator or enable the Windows 10 Developer Mode (Windows Settings > Update & Security > For developers > Select Developer mode > Yes).


Now that your install is clean, the duplication process is easy:

  • Select the game that you are going to duplicate (Red Dead Redemption 2, Grand Theft Auto IV or Grand Theft Auto V)
  • On Origin, select the original vanilla copy of the game
  • On Destination, select the folder where you want the duplicated copy to be
  • Select between Hard Links for Files and Symbolic Links for Folders (recommended) and Symbolic Links for Files and Folders
  • Leave the Add install to PatchMyPath after completing the process option checked
  • Click Duplicate Game Folder

Once the process finishes, the install is ready to use from the Game Installs tab.

Please note that if you remove the original folder that you specified in Origin, you will need to repeat the duplication process to create new links that point to the new location.