So, this is a complete list of all of the project that I have created and/or maintain (for some reason). I put a specific color on the title, icons and logo of the mod so is easier for me to find them.

Game and Server managers

If is something that everyone needs, is applications for managing Game Installs and Self Hosted Servers. They usually have PANTONE 3242 C as the title, icon and logo color and cyan on the documentation.

  • PatchMyPath: Install Manager and Launcher for Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2. It allows you to store and launch multiple GTA V and RDR2 installs without worrying about the launchers.
  • LambentLight: Server Manager for FiveM (and in the future RedM). It allows you to do a lot of stuff, like installing resources with a single click and sharing your configuration with friends.

Gameplay mods

For when you are bored, you just add new gameplay features to make it easier or harder (if you do, you probably like Darkness). They usually have PANTONE 1788 C as the title, icon and logo color and red on the documentation.

HUD Changes

This type of mods just try to add new information or replace the existing game HUD. They usually have PANTONE 224 C as the title, icon and logo color and pink on the documentation.

  • GGO: The Gun Gale Online HUD system into Grand Theft Auto V. Previously Called GGOHud and GGOV. Comes from the Sword Art Online anime series.

Developer Tools

Mods and Tools to make the development and debugging of modding related projects easier. They usually have PANTONE 164 C as the title, icon and logo color and deep-orange on the documentation.

  • NativeUI: Originally created by Guad, is a library for Grand Theft Auto V that allows you to create Rockstar-like UI elements like Menus.